The Philippus Corts Fund (PCF)

On June 1st, 2021, The Corts Foundation (TCF) formally terminated its activities and transferred its financial assets to the Members’ Association KITLV. With this capital a fund has been realized to support research, making sources accessible and publications: The Philippus Corts Fund (PCF). The PCF considers its task to be:


To preserve original source materials and make these materials accessible (in local languages and Dutch) in Indonesia and The Netherlands, pertaining to the shared history of these two areas in the period 1602 – 1949, with special attention to the periods of the VOC and the Second World War in Asia.


Applying to PCF is open to students and researchers working in Indonesia if they are part of a joint team in the Netherlands conducting scientific research in collections in The Netherlands or Indonesia in line with the PCF goals. Each year approximately € 15,000 will be available. The maximum amount that can be applied for is € 7,500.


Applications need to contain the following elements:

• In case of research support: a description of the research, including planning and budget in which is indicated for which part and for which specific goal a possible subsidy will be used (max. 2000 words).

• In case of publication and or translation support: argumentation of the importance of the publication/translation, a budget and (if possible) the inclusion of the manuscript or text to be published/translated.

• A short c.v. of the applicant(s)

• A letter of support from a scientist supervising or advising the project.

Applicants are:

• Students (MA or PhD phase), or graduated (MA or PhD) in a relevant discipline.



The deadline for applications is: 17 December 2021. Grants will be announced before 31 January 2022. Applications can be sent to dr. Sikko Visscher, secretary PCF, indicating Philippus Corts Fund, via:


More information:

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